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Surrogacy Program Options for Parents

Intended parents have many surrogacy programs from which to choose to grow their families. Explore our surrogacy, egg donation, surrogacy plus egg donation and bring your own surrogate program options available.

Gestational Surrogacy Only

Designed for intended parents who can provide the needed biology, means that you will either use your own eggs and sperm to create embryos – or have already created your embryos – but you are not able to carry a baby to term.

Our Surrogacy Only program is designed to mentor and guide you through the entire surrogacy journey. We will work with your IVF clinic, match you with the perfect gestational surrogate, and manage all aspects of your journey from start to finish

Egg Donation Only

If you are able to carry a baby to term, however you require a donor egg to create embryos, you may choose our Egg Donation Only program.

We have a robust egg donor database filled with hundreds of bright, young women; we’ll help you find the perfect match. We’ll help you understand the differences between known and anonymous egg donation, and how to choose the donor that best fits your needs.

After you match with an egg donor, you’ll work with your clinic to schedule her egg retrieval. Once her eggs are retrieved, your embryos will be created and transferred into the intended mother’s uterus.

Gestational Surrogacy Plus Egg Donation

Intended parents who require egg donation for gestational surrogacy are not able to provide the necessary biology to create embryos, and they also need a gestational surrogate to carry the baby to term. LGBTQ+ individuals and couples often use surrogacy plus egg donation, as well as some heterosexual couples with infertility or medical diagnoses.

For surrogacy plus egg donation, intended parents will match with an egg donor to provide her eggs (and sometimes, intended parents may need a sperm donor as well). Once the eggs are retrieved, embryos will be created in a lab at the parents’ IVF clinic. The embryos will then be transferred into a gestational carrier’s uterus.

Dual Journey

Intended parents can choose Surrogacy Only or Surrogacy with Egg Donation for a Dual Journey. In this type of journey, intended parents will have two gestational surrogates carrying babies in staggered journeys. Intended parents wishing to have more than one child through surrogacy may choose this option which can be more medically advisable than a gestational surrogate carrying twins. Parents can choose Gestational Surrogacy Only if they are creating/have their own embryos or Gestational Surrogacy plus Egg Donation if they need donor eggs to create their family.

Choosing the right surrogacy program for you

Researching surrogacy and surrogacy agencies is an important step in your surrogate journey. Understanding the different program options for parents can be overwhelming at first. Intended parents who have an IVF clinic can begin by speaking with their doctor to see the different family building options available. Speaking with a surrogacy agency such as MediPocket Surrogacy USA is another way to educate yourself on how you can grow your family through surrogacy and egg donation.

A few questions to ask yourself to help you determine what types of surrogacy services you need are:

  • Am I/are we able to create embryos with my own/our own biology?
  • Am I able to carry a baby to term?
  • Do I/we already have embryos?
  • Do I/we need both eggs and a woman to carry our baby?
  • Have I/we spoken to my fertility doctor (if you have one) about my options?

And you can always chat with our experienced team at MediPocket Surrogacy USA! We guide intended parents at the very beginning of their journeys every day!