A film featuring Kriti Sanon and completely dedicated to surrogacy, titled Mimi, has been launched in Bollywood. Despite the fact that the subject is still somewhat contentious, the filmmakers and actors took a risk by releasing the film to an Indian audience. It is evident that many individuals who were previously ignorant of the method and still regard it as a taboo and stigmatised subject were able to comprehend and learn more about surrogacy. As the producers touched on this difficult subject, it is clear that India is taking tiny steps toward this unique technology and wishes to raise awareness about its purpose and advantages throughout the country. The following article will describe how celebrities are using surrogacy to grow their families.

Celebs choosing surrogacySome Bollywood celebs have chosen surrogacy to grow their families. Among them are the following:

  1. Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan: The superstar couple had their third kid, AbRam, through surrogacy in 2013.
  2. Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao: In 2011, the couple had their son Azad Rao Khan through surrogacy.
  3. Karan Johar: In 2017, the director became a single father to twins Roohi and Yash via surrogacy.
  4. Tusshar Kapoor: In 2016, the actor chose surrogacy to birth his son Lakshya.
  5. Sunny Leone and Daniel Weber: In 2018, the couple underwent surrogacy to give birth to their children, Noah and Asher.
  6. Ravie Kapoor, the producer Ekta kapoor’s kid, was born through surrogacy in 2019.
  7. Shreyas Talpade and Deepti: after 14 years of marriage, they were blessed with a baby girl via surrogacy in 2019.
  8. Priety Zinta and Gene Goodenough: both announced the birth of their twins via surrogacy in November 2021.
  9. Lisa Ray: after multiple medications on cancer and unable to conceive, she announced the birth of her twin daughters on 2018 through surrogacy
  10. Sohail Khan and Seema Khan: the couple choose surrogacy to give birth to their second child 10 years after the first child was born. They were blessed with a son in 2011.
  11. Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas: the couple gave birth to a daughter via surrogacy.

The above-mentioned high profile faces were the few of them who decided to expand their families. Lets talk about the stigma revolving around surrogacy in India.


While surrogacy is not illegal in India, the subject has received considerable stigma and taboo, particularly in traditional or conservative areas. Nevertheless, in recent years, there has been an increasing acceptance and understanding of surrogacy, with more celebrities and public figures publicly addressing their surrogacy experiences and decisions. Furthermore, the Indian government recently established a legislation regulating surrogacy and giving legal protection for surrogate mothers and intended parents, which has helped to de-stigmatize the practice. However, surrogacy remains a contentious issue in some groups, with wildly differing perspectives. 

Many in India believe that surrogacy is solely used by people from Western countries and that the process is heavily Westernised. It makes no difference where the approach originated or how individuals in other nations use it. The only thing that counts are the advantages it brought to the couple who chose it. While the stigma stems mostly from the involvement of a third party in the process, we should also consider how it has assisted many individuals who have sought to extend their families but have been unable to do so due to a variety of situations.


Why do couples choose surrogacy?

Surrogacy may be chosen by couples for a variety of reasons, including the desire to extend their family. Among the most prevalent explanations are:

Infertility: One of the most common reasons for choosing surrogacy is infertility, which occurs when the intended parents are unable to produce a child naturally owing to medical or genetic causes.

Health hazards: Carrying a pregnancy to term may offer major health risks to the intended mother or the foetus in rare situations. Surrogacy may be a safer alternative in such cases.


Same-sex couple: Surrogacy may be a realistic alternative for same-sex couples who are unable to conceive normally.

Personal preference: Some couples may choose surrogacy merely because they want or are unable to bear a biological child.

It is important to note that surrogacy is a deeply personal and complex decision, and couples may have their own unique reasons for choosing this option.

Sonam Karla, a sufi music composer says that she has encountered so many people who have opted for the choice of surrogacy and their opinion was quite heartwarming. They said that they would have not been able to experience the joy of having a child if not for surrogacy. 


Surrogacy has several advantages for couples who are dealing with infertility or medical issues that make childbearing impossible. Surrogacy has several advantages, including:

  • Biological connections: Surrogacy allows couples to establish a biological link to their kid by utilising their own eggs and sperm.
  • Control over pregnancy: Surrogacy allows intended parents more control over their pregnancy, including the chance to pick the surrogate mother and prenatal care.
  • Safe and supervised process: Surrogacy is a safe and monitored procedure, with medical specialists monitoring every step of the way to protect the health and well-being of both the surrogate mother and the baby.
  • Flexibility: Surrogacy gives couples who are having problems conceiving more options, including same-sex couples, single parents, and couples with medical issues that make pregnancy problematic.
  • Emotional support: Surrogacy can give emotional support to couples who have been dealing with infertility or who have had recurrent losses. It can also give closure and fulfilment for couples who have wished for a child.

The other side

The Bollywood industry is creating awareness about surrogacy but also about those women who may get some income by becoming a surrogate. Surrogates too have few benefits which many fail to recognise.

Surrogacy may be both a gratifying and hard experience for the surrogate mother. Some of the possible advantages of being a surrogate include:

Giving back

Many surrogates opt to become gestational carriers in order to assist couples or people who are unable to produce children on their own. Helping someone realise their ambition of becoming a parent may be a gratifying experience.

Financial compensation

Surrogacy can offer surrogates with a source of money. They are usually reimbursed for their time and effort, as well as any medical or legal fees incurred throughout the procedure.

Medical care

Surrogates receive great medical treatment during the surrogacy procedure. This includes prenatal care, monthly examinations, and any medical operations that are required.

Emotional support

Surrogacy organisations and intended parents frequently give emotional assistance to surrogates during the procedure. Counselling, therapy, and support groups are examples of such services.

Personal development

Surrogacy may be a difficult and transformational experience for surrogates. It can aid in the development of empathy, responsibility, and personal fulfilment.

Celebrities promoting the surrogacy option can not only help in spreading the awareness about the technique but also help surrogates in various ways.

Hence from the above article, we can understand how bollywood is keen on celebrating parenthood through this unique technique. Every Indian citizen must also move forward and embrace this method of giving birth, leaving all the stigmatic and discriminatory thoughts behind. 

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