Our mission.

Our mission is to go above and beyond to grow families around the world by connecting, guiding and supporting intended parents, surrogates and egg donors on one of life’s most extraordinary journeys.

Together, we make parenthood possible.

We have team members across the United States

While your proximity to an agency is unimportant for a successful journey, we understand that intended parents or surrogates may feel comfort in knowing there is support personnel nearby. Medipocket has staff members around the United States, near to several top-rated clinics picked by our IPs, and we can give individual assistance during your trip.

A lady who is passionate about creating families founded the company.

Founded by a woman passionate about creating families.

Dr. Priyanka Mathur is a qualified physician with expertise working in three different nations’ healthcare systems. She was born and reared in India, then studied medicine in Russia before settling in the United States.

She is a healthcare visionary who has been acknowledged and honoured for her contributions to world healthcare. She is a mother of two children, and her worldwide effort MediPocket Smart Surrogacy USA aims to make the greatest quality, speciality fertility treatment and surrogacy affordable and available to intended parents all over the world.

First hand surrogacy experience at our team

Amber isn’t the only member of the Medipocket Surrogacy team that is forever thankful for surrogacy; several of us are surrogate parents, have been surrogates, and are egg donors. In reality, many people have come to work at Medipocket after having gone through the life-changing experience of surrogacy and egg donation. It’s incredibly rewarding, and whether you’re an intended parent, a surrogate, or an egg donor, the procedure creates a particular bond that no one can ever take away from you.