What does a surrogacy agency do?

A surrogacy agency works with intended parents to assist and support them at various stages of their surrogacy journey.

Some surrogacy agencies provide full-service surrogacy, which means they have enough professionals on staff (legal teams, program coordinators, egg donation coordinators, surrogate coordinators, accountants, and others) to assist you with every technical, physical, and emotional aspect of your journey.

Some surrogacy firms only provide partial services. A partial-service surrogacy agency may provide the services that intended parents seek, but unlike full-service agencies, they may not have the resources in place to assist surrogacy journeys from start to finish.

There are several surrogacy agencies available, each with a unique offering. We advise you to conduct a study to determine which form of agency is best for you.

Benefits of full service surrogacy agency

Medipocket Surrogacy is a full-service surrogacy agency, which means that we offer all professional services to our intended parents. When intended parents come to Medipocket, they can anticipate exceptional support and care throughout the whole surrogacy process, from the moment they sign on following their consultation, through surrogate matching and pregnancy, and all the way through post-birth. Medipocket features legal, accounting, medical billing, and social work specialists on staff.

While working with a surrogacy agency such as Medipocket Surrogacy, intending parents will pay an Agency Fee as part of the overall surrogacy fees. Your surrogacy agency charge includes the following:

  • Complete journey coordination, including a dedicated team of specialists
  • Surrogate and Egg Donor screening and matching (if required)
  • Journey support
  • Legal work

When you engage with Medipocket Surrogacy, you can be certain that you’re working with a best-in-class organization that has over 25 years of collective expertise making motherhood a reality.

Surrogacy Programs that meet your requirements

Our tenure in the surrogacy field, together with our staff’s personal and professional expertise, has allowed us to develop a range of surrogacy and egg donation programs to meet the requirements of as many intended parents as possible. We provide programs for intended parents who simply need a surrogate, intended parents who need a surrogate plus an egg donor, and intended parents who come to us with their own surrogate. We provide dual journey and sibling journey programs with the same gestational carrier.