Is there a boost in the Surrogacy process in Delhi due to high demand?

You heard that right!! Many Couples are hopeful after LG gives a nod to the formation of Medical Boards in all Delhi districts to discuss the matter about Surrogacy Act.

This happened after many couples filed a petition to make the Surrogacy process more accessible to them.

‘Many couples were nudging us over why Surrogacy was not happening in Delhi. Some require it due to recurrent abortions while some have heart diseases or neurological diseases” Quoted Dr. Gauri Agarwal, founder of seeds of innocence, an IVF center.

This suggests that people in India are finally getting the message that surrogacy is a useful and brilliant method of growing or starting a family. This situation among Intended Parents in Delhi raises questions in the minds of other Indians.

Is surrogacy becoming more popular in India? Well, we have the answer to that. 

As the days and years go by, people are starting to accept the reality and process of Surrogacy rather than just sticking to the old traditional method of Reproduction. For those people who ask the reasons for such character development amongst people, here they are:

Benefits of Surrogacy:

Is Surrogacy popular in India?


Surrogacy can benefit all parties involved, including intended parents, surrogates, and the child, for a variety of reasons. Here’s an explanation of why surrogacy can be beneficial to everyone:

  1. For Intended Parents.

  • Parenthood Fulfilment: Surrogacy provides hope and a path to parenthood for individuals or couples who are having difficulty conceiving or carrying a pregnancy. It enables them to have a biological child and enjoy the benefits of parenthood.
  • Genetic Connection: There is a genetic link between the intended parents and the child in cases of gestational surrogacy where the intended parents’ genetic material is used. This link is significant for many prospective parents.
  • Involvement & Control: Intended parents have control over the prenatal environment and can participate actively in the pregnancy journey. They have the ability to attend prenatal appointments, make medical decisions, and bond with the surrogate.
  • Legal Recognition: Surrogacy arrangements are legally recognized in many countries, ensuring that the intended parents have legal parental rights from birth, reducing the risk of legal complications.
  1. Surrogate Mothers:

  • Empowerment: Surrogates frequently choose to become surrogates in order to help others and make a positive difference in their lives. It can be an empowering experience for them to help individuals or couples realise their parental dreams.
  • Financial Compensation: Surrogacy can provide financial compensation to surrogates, which can be beneficial to their families and personal goals. 
  • Medical Care: Surrogates receive comprehensive medical care and attention during surrogacy, ensuring their health and well-being throughout the pregnancy. Regular check-ups and prenatal care are required as part of the procedure.
  • Supportive Community: Surrogates frequently become a part of a supportive community of other surrogates and intended parents. Emotionally, this sense of belonging and shared purpose can be gratifying.
  1. For the Child:

  • Healthy Birth: Surrogacy enables a healthy and monitored prenatal environment, which contributes to the child’s well-being and ensures that they are born under optimal conditions.
  • Loving Home: Individuals or couples who are fully prepared and eager to provide a loving and stable home for the child can use surrogacy.
  • Genetic Connection: In cases of gestational surrogacy, the child has a genetic link to the intended parents, which can be important for their identity and sense of belonging.
  1. Concerning Society:

  • Family Diversity: Surrogacy promotes family diversity and inclusivity, recognizing that families can be formed in a variety of ways. It recognizes and respects the choices made by individuals and couples when starting families.
  • Economic Advantages: The surrogacy industry can help local economies by creating jobs in healthcare, law, and support services. It may also attract medical tourism, which will benefit the economy even more.

This explains why Indian Intended Parents are turning to more open-minded processes such as surrogacy, which was once considered unethical and illegal. 

Surrogacy not only gives families who are unable to conceive a child of their own hope and happiness, but it also provides financial stability to Surrogates who do not have a steady income. 

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